Expectations From Quality Web Designers In London

A website makes up for the Digital ID of a person or a business company in the digital world. The competition in the web world is complex and tough as everyone is out there with the desire to be the best. If you are a citisen of London, you must know how it feels to be a part of the hugely competitive world. London Web design companies can provide the perfect Web World ID to you and your business by giving your website the best look and access to the customers. Make sure that you pick out such a web designing firm who offers the web design packages in London.
The design of your web design is the first thing that a user observes and engages with. You should choose a service provider who can cater you with original and fresh designs of your website that deliver user and audience-friendly experience to all clients and customers.
A few qualities to look for in the web design for your website could be listed as such:- Web design packages: - Make sure that your web designing firm offers you …

Your Website Is Ranking No More At Top? Here’s What Possibly Went Wrong

The most heartbreaking and frustrating moment whilst working on the SEO of your website is when you realise that your ranking has dropped! 
The intensity of shock depends on the how worse the drop is – if you have just lost the first rank to a competitor or your website is not even ranking on the first page anymore!
Here’s what possibly went wrong. You just got penalised- If you have just dropped very low for a majority of keywords then yes, it is doing of the Google. You can additionally verify this by checking your rankings on other search engines. If the results are the same as before everywhere else, the answer is positive.
Google penalises the website in two ways – through Googlebot and manually. For the manual penalty, you can check Google Webmaster Tools Account. You can check the “Manual Actions” section where Google would have notified you about the action taken against your website. For any penalties by Googlebot, you’ll receive a notification in Site Messages menu. You lost …

4 Design Aspects That Make Your Website Look And Feel Different

Since the time we have started to do business online, the buying decisions of more consumers are being driven by branding. While pricing and quality of the product/service are still of utmost importance, it’s the first impression you set that gets you noticed and counted in a buyer’s preferable choices.
Your website constitutes the majority of branding done online. Whilst your social media profiles spread awareness, get engagements, and get the news out, your website sets the impression. In today’s market, your website is not an extension of your business but its very intrinsic product. Treat your website like the way you will treat your product.

So what all do you need to discuss with the designers when you opt for web design services in London? Read the blog to find out. Trending vs Unique Many people opt for the latest design trends for their website. Surely, you can’t base your product just on trends. Go for those trends that enhance user experience but are also here to stay. Don’…

4 Things That You Shouldn’t Miss When You Promote Your Business On Instagram

If the target audience for your business lies in the age group of 20-35 then you can benefit greatly by promoting your business on Instagram.
Instagram has taken over social media like a storm! No doubt that Facebook is the largest social media platform currently but the engagement that Instagram offers is unparalleled compared to any other platform. 
Before you begin promoting your business on Instagram, here are the top 4 things that you should not forget to add to your strategy- Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Posts Instagram is majorly about the appeal. Influencers, pages, brands succeed on Instagram because of their visually attractive posts. So whatever your business may be, make sure that the photos you post are of high quality, of optimal dimensions, and puts forward the idea in the best way possible. Hashtags Whether it’s a business that has just started with Instagram or a brand with a good following – the use of hashtags is crucial to both. Here are a few reasons why you should use…

5 PPC trends of 2019 you cannot do without

2018 was one huge year for PPC marketing. And things have turned larger ever since.
New campaigns, targeting options, and tools have become prevalent and are here to rule in 2019. Google rebranded Adwords as Google Ads, Binge came up with new features like LinkedIn profile targeting.
So what trends are we likely to expect this year? What trends are PPC agencies in London following?
Well, read the blog until the end to find the hottest PPC trends of 2019.

1.Audience and Keywords
Keywords have always been the go-to digital marketing norm. But things are likely to change this year with the ability to add a target audience.
With audience targeting, businesses get to target the age groups, demographics, or gender that is going to be interested in your products.
Another new addition is ‘layering audiences’ over each other. This enables you to target keywords and demographic location. The ad will appear in specific demographics, which will improve the results.
2.Automation and AI
How easy eve…

The 5 latest e-commerce web design trends to rule in 2019

According to recent statistics, the number of digital buyers globally has reached an enormous 1.92 billion in 2019.
With the above figure, it isn’t surprising what boom e-commerce websites are. Also, not to forget, websites can become easily outmoded. Meaning, no matter how big an e-commerce website is, it can be easily replaced. Thus, it is essential to keep updating and keeping up with new trends.
So, how can you improve the user experience of your e-commerce website? What are the website design trends of 2019 that you need to adapt? What trends are the leading Website design agency in Londonkeeping up with?

Read the blog until the end to find out.
Material Design Became popular in 2018, material design is now a necessity. Various e-commerce websites have been able to derive their full potential after adopting it. It is modernistic, chic, content-focused and puts all the attention towards the product.
The shadow effects, animations, and grid layout are useful for engaging and retain…

5 shocking facts that prove your website needs a responsive web design

How often do you switch on your laptop or computer to browse a website?

Not a lot? Or not at all?

None of us have the patience to take the pain and effort to switch on the laptop to browse a website when everything on the Internet is easily accessible on a smartphone or tablet.

Unless the website does not have a responsive web design! But then why even consider browsing through it?

Not investing in responsive web design services is a problem. A big one. Visitor retention, website user interest rate, and search placement droop down if the website doesn’t adapt to different devices.

There are 5 facts that prove responsive web design isn’t just a buzzword but needs to be made mandatory!

Read on till the end to find more.

1.It takes 6 seconds for mobile visitors to toss out a website
According to the latest survey, 73% of mobile users have discarded a website that takes longer to load. 47% of visitors expect a website to load in about 2 seconds.

Visitors like to be in control of what they …